Get Yourself a Free VPN 2 Day Trial

Get Yourself a Free VPN 2 Day Trial


Unfortunately, it seems like the VPN trick through the Japanese server we featured a few months back no longer seems to be working. We have yet to find a good free alternative, however commenter ‘Jade’ told us about a service called GoVPNGo. These guys offer paid for VPN solutions, but fortunately they give away 2 day trials now and again. I managed to bag myself one on my first visit to their site and it works extremely well. Youtube works, as does Facebook and Twitter.

Visit with your fingers crossed and you too might get yourself a free trial!

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  • Alex

    I use their premium plan. lol.. works really well. fast and no additional software for my mac. and it’s only a movie’s cost.

  • g.i.john

    but, what happens after 2 days trial? can we still use it free?

    • Yup, as long as your lucky enough to pop back on their site at the time they’re giving the free VPN’s away. It’s luck of the draw.

  • emilie

    je vx une solution pour changer mon adresse ip

  • Gene

    How come MY PacketiX works? I can still go on Facebook and Youtube and stuff

  • John

    Hey – I am with

    We offer 24 hr trials and if users don’t abuse bandwidth aka no heavy downloads or streaming, we offer permanent free account just for browsing. It’s private, works great in China, Asia, etc.

    If they want streaming / hevay usage, it’s just $6 monthly.

    Give us a shot.

    Mention gizchina and we’ll start you on a 7 day trial instead of 24 hrs.