China Releases A Book You Can Read Without The Book

Ever been out and about and wished you’d taken your newly purchased paper back book with you? Perhaps you planned to pop in to town for a few minutes to do some shopping but find yourself stuck in a 9 day traffic jam! If only you had that copy of ‘War and Peace’ with you to whittle away the hours.
Thanks to ZenKee Systems a producer of RFID chips, all you would need to do in this situation is pick up a device which can connect to the web, access your home server and browse for your book then read!
Of course your copy of ‘War and Peace’ would need to have an implanted RFID chip with IOT technology for this to work.
IOT stands for ‘Internet of Things’, not very imaginative, but very accurate. A book with IOT would not only be a physical paper back or hard back book with content on it’s pages, but also a web enabled digital book which can be accessed while out and about.

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An RFID tag like the one pictured here, is placed in the spine of your book. On the tag will be the complete contents of the book including images and a small wifi antennae so it can connect to the web. Once accessed your book can be read without actually needing the book.

The first of these IOT enabled books, ‘Ancient Painting’ was released in Beijing this week, with more books to follow as the technology gains ground.
It sounds like a fantastic idea for bookworms who, although are happy to read ebooks, still prefer to pay for a physical book rather than just digital information.

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