Flash On iPhone, iPod and iPad Without a Jailbreak!

Has Steve Jobs really purged the internet of Flash? Perhaps he has as I still haven’t found an embedded video that doesn’t work on my iPad to try this hack on (Update: see the end of post) , thankfully it’s an easy one to do and well worth trying if just for experimentation purposes.

How to play Flash on an iPad, iPod and iPhone tutorial after the jump.

Like I said this is an easy hack that doesn’t even require you to Jailbreak your iDevice. Open Safari on your iPod, iPad or iPhone

1. Open Safari on your iPod, iPad or iPhone

Then head over to: http://iosflashvideo.fw.hu
2. Add a bookmark
While on the above site press the ‘+’ button and add it as a bookmark.
3. Edit the bookmark
Once the bookmark is saved go back in to the bookmark, press ‘edit’ then choose the iosflashvideo bookmark.
You will have the option to edit the address now, so delete everything before the word ‘Javascript’ and save.

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4. Head to a web page with an embedded Flash video

If it doesn’t play press on the ‘iosflash‘ bookmark and is (should*) play.

Update: use your iDevice to navigate to this page then choose the ‘iosflash‘ bookmark and see if the embedded Flickr video appears below:

*This hack only seems to work with embedded video from the following sites:

Thanks again to the Limera1n blog for this hack.

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