How To Install the Android Market (and other .apk apps) To Your Android Tablet or Phone

How to install the android market on android tabletSo Santa brought you one of the many Chinese made Android tablets for Christmas did he? And the past few days you’ve been playing with the pre installed apps and browsing the web, but now you want more! You really want to see what this tablet (or phone) can do!
But wait one cotton picking moment! Where’s the Android Market place App?
Keep reading to learn how to easily add the Android Market Place.

Now, before we start with this very, very, super, duper easy install I’m going to give you both the good and bad news.
The good news is that at the end of this post I will give you the download links to both the English Android Market App and the Chinese.
The bad news is you may have to use the Chinese version, but try both to see what happens.

How to Install The Android Market on your Android Tablet!

How to install the android market on android tablet

Follow these instructions to install the Android Market on your Android Tablet!

1. Go to settings > applications

On the phone I tried this on (a Samsung using Android 2.1 ) the first item on the menu says ‘Unknown Sources: Allow Install of non-Market application’ check the box next to it.  A warning will pop up just click ‘ok’.

2. Still on your tablet head out of the settings and open your browser and head to this web page (this actual web page they one you’re reading)
Here are the links for the .apk files. Choose either the English (it may not work) or Chinese and download from the links below:-

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Download English Android Market here

Download Chinese Android Market here

The download should only take a short time. Once completed click on the .apk file you downloaded and choose install.

The install should take a few seconds and you will get the option to open it.

Well done you have installed the Android Market on your Android tablet!

The same method will work for any .apk file and will also work if you install from an email attachment.

Possible problems!

If you choose to download and install the English version you may find that the application downloads and install just fine, but then won’t open.
Try turning the device on and off and opening it again. If it still fails to open you will either have to ‘root’ your device and install a proxy hack OR download the Chinese version. Luckily the popular free apps mostly have English names so it should be easy(ish) to use.

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