ePad 2011 Receives Some Long Awaited Upgrades

The ePad was one of the iPad clone originators, and despite  how bad (we thought) it was it has gone on to sell thousands of units (probably due to the low 1000 Yuan ($151)  price tag). For 2011 the ePad manufacturers, Human Digital, have treated the ePad to a number of long awaited upgrades.

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To keep up with the fast moving competition the ePad has been given a an extra 256mb RAM bringing the total on-board memory up to a much more respectable 512mb.

There’s also an added HDMI out for viewing your movies on the big screen, which sits between a USB and built in MIC.

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A front facing camera has also been added to the thick black bezel, but other than that the external appearance remains the same as last year.

Inside there’s a 1Ghz ZT180 11 ARM core chip, 4Gb of storage and a 2000 mAh battery, bringing the unit weight to 688 grams.

All of these extras bring the price up from the old 1000 Yuan($151) price tag to the now more expensive price of…………… 1100 Yuan ($166) !

So it’s still one of the cheapest iPad knock off’s on the market, but do those upgrades make it any better than the previous model? Keep up to date on Twitter to find out!

Via: Shanzhaiben

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  1. Stuart Halliday
    January 4, 2011

    Not bad, I find that using a Android tablet with less than 512MB or RAM is a total pain as Apps are getting bigger in size.

    It still needs a far bigger battery for a 10″ tablet (the iPad has a 6400mAH by comparison) and a capacitive touch screen though…

    Does this ePad officially registered for access to the Android Market as well?

    When reviewing a Android device. Best to state the version of Android it has.

    If it’s less than 2.2, then don’t bother buying it folks. Your web experience will be cut short by lack of Adobe Flash in the web Browser. Honestly I don’t know how Apple iphone/ipad folks get over this major limitation.

  2. skullee
    January 12, 2011

    good point stuart, what model are they referring to above in the 2011 updated epad?

  3. kirk
    March 30, 2011

    i love the andriond its so small and packed,there is only 1 thought with it and thats,i can not put my computers external hard drive on it so i can watch my films when im on hoilday i ve to take my laptop and epad were i only wanted to take the andriod withe me