Tablet Buying Guide: 7 inch Android Tablets

We’ve already covered 8” tablets and 10” tablets, but now we’re on to the baby of the bunch the 7 inch tablet.
Like the 8 inch tablet the 7” gets the added benefit of having a much cheaper screen than larger tablets, but for 7” tablets this goes a little further.
As 7” capacitive and resistive screens have been on the market the longest, plenty of companies have had time to opt to use this smaller configuration. This popularity together with the time on the market and the amount of competition, has brought 7” screen (and tablet) prices down to very affordable levels!
What’s more you are likely to find plenty of features on a 7 inch model that are currently unavailable on the larger tabs.

For example, I can’t think of one 7” tablet on the market today that doesn’t have at least one USB 2.0 or HDMI out, where as I’ve not come across a single 10” tablet that has these functions yet.

GPS and 3G are also becoming common ‘as standard’ features on these smaller tablets as well as larger capacity batteries and good quality cameras.

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The smaller form factor also means an even more portable and light device, which is perfect for hand held device with 3G Internet connection and GPS navigation functions.

The internal specs of these smaller tablets are often much better than their larger brothers. CPU’s from big name brands such as Qualcomm (the company that make parts Apple), Samsung and Rockchips are often found in these smaller tablets, as well as generous amounts of RAM and sometimes even built in storage as well as SD card storage.
As an added bonus some of the more expensive 7 inch tablets can even act as a phone (without looking to cumbersome in the process) meaning you only have to carry one device with you at a time.

If you want to look at an example of am extremely well spec’d and well priced tablet take a look at the Chinese made ZTE Light V9 Android tablet.

Overall the 7” tablet is the most advanced and well developed Chinese made Android tablet to date.
If we were to spend our own money on an Android tablet today we would buy a 7” (or possibly 8”) tablet for the added functions and better developed hardware they have to offer.

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