Why Is This River Running Red?

Is it due to some chemical spill or is it due to pollution caused from the process of making aluminium? Nope, the reason is much more simple and gross. Vegetarians avert your eyes now!

The Qin Huai river had been closed off due to repairs further down it’s length when residents living nearby started to report that it had begun to turn bright red and give off a ‘terrible’ odor. Reporters from local newspapers turned up to cover the news to find the now stagnant water to be completely red.

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Environmental officers joined the hunt to find what was causing the problem and were lead to a local slaughter house that, judging by the colour of the river, has a very lucrative business!

The local slaughter house had become so busy that in only a matter of hours the blood from it’s factory had turned 23km of river completely red!

Environmental agencies are currently working on cleaning up the situation.

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Via: QQnews

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