Why Won’t My Android Tablet Sync With Google?

Is your Android Tablet refusing to sync to your Gmail or Google Talk account? Perhaps you have missed a very simple, but important step?

One of the greatest features of any Android device, whether it’s a tablet or phone is it’s built-in ability to connect to Google’s servers, your Google account and import all your contacts, calender details and e-mails, but to get this too work you first have to……..set the time!

That’s it! a very simple but very important step.
Before Google will allow your tablet to connect to it’s servers and sync, it first makes a few security checks on your device. One of them being to check the time and date on your tablet, if your tablet is fresh from it’s box, OR you haven’t enabled the Automatic values option in your settings (Learn how to here!) your tablet might be telling Google it’s 8am in the morning and you are from the year 1970!

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t like time travelers all that much and requires you to have the present day’s date and time to be set before allowing a sync.

To learn how to set the time on your Android Tablet head over to our previous article here.

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