Sophone aka The Ultimate iPhone 4 Clone to Get Android Update

The original Sophone, despite its’ JAVA based O.S still represents the most perfect iPhone 4 clone to date.
Now, the makers of the ultimate iPhone 4 clone have an Android based model in the works!
More details and video after the break.

The below video shows off the Sophone in its current incarnation running a very successfully produced JAVA based iOS operating system. The whole package with its precise external appearance and excellently done fake iOS originally fooled me in to thinking the phone in the video was in fact a real iPhone 4, but my suspicious were quashed as the video goes on. Not all the OS is as polished as it could be and finally the Sophone is shown having its back removed to expose the replaceable battery.

For 2011 the makers of the Sophone are planning to upgrade to an Android based OS! If they produce an Android ROM which looks as good as there JAVA based OS, the next generation Sophone will even get some of the same applications as the real iPhone 4!

The only details that the makers have made public are that the latest Sophone will run Android 2.2 and will cost 1100 Yuan ($168)!

We’ll keep you updated with news of the upcoming Android based Sophone, in the meantime you can check out the video below of the current version and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for instant updates!


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