Hidden Apple iPad 2 Details.

So the iPad 2 has finally been announced and we got to see Steve Jobs and co walking about up on stage telling us all just how wonderful and ‘magical’ it is, but what about the details they didn’t release such as;

Camera Resolution

Ok, so we were told the front facing camera is a VGA unit and designed for video chat rather than photography, but what about that rear camera? Apple stated the rear camera will capture 720 video, but what about photographs? Well if it’s anything like the unit on the iPod Touch (which we are sure it is) the iPad 2’s rear camera will take 0.7 mega-pixel photos!
0.7 mega-pixels seems a little unacceptable in this day and age. Even cheap sub $200 smart phones get a 5 mega-pixel unit, why not a $500 + tablet!?

2) Tap to Focus

While we’re on the camera does the iPad 2 get an auto-focus camera?

3) RAM

How much RAM does the iPad 2 get? Most in the know believe the iPad 2 get’s the same 256mb of RAM as the original iPad. Compare that to the 1Gb of RAM in the Xoom and HP tablet and it’s starting to look pretty stingy!

4) CPU Speed

Yes, Apple said the dual-core A5 CPU is up to twice as fast as the A4, but what is the actual clock speed? Is it a 1Ghz Dual Core? If so the majority of Android tablets in the works are going to walk all over the iPad 2 in terms of sheer horse power.

Gizchina News of the week

Battery Life With 3G

What’s the battery life of the iPad 2 with a faster CPU with 3G turned on? Is it still at the magical 10 hour mark? We think not.

What we didn’t get!

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And that’s not even mentioning the hardware and functions we should have got on the next generation iPad 2 such as:

SD card reader!

Apple are very strange when it comes to SD card readers. It took them years to give their range of Macbook Pro’s SD card readers, and they still don’t offer the option on the consumer level Macbook or Macbook air 11”

HDMI out

Yes we get an adapter, but what if I visit a friend and forget it? Are we to crowd around the 10 “ iPad screen to enjoy photo’s and video? The majority or Android tablets get HDMI built in!
Wireless Sync

Want to update your iPad while out and about, but don’t have your dedicated 30 pin dock connector? Tough you can’t!

Still no USB!

Ok we understand the iPad 2 is super thin, but we wouldn’t mind a little built of fat if it meant getting a USB plug, or a SD card reader or a HDMI out!

It’s not a Computer Replacement

Where as the majority of the next generation Android tablets will allow me to download through my browser, let me view and play Flash games and let me easily share links and attachments within the system and between applications, the iPad’s iOS won’t!

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