Toshiba’s Android Tablet Will Blow iPad 2 Away!

A Toshiba employee has been bad mouthing the iPad 2 and while bigging up Toshiba’s up and coming Android powered tablet. While it’s only natural for an employee of a rival company to feel excited and confident about a new product, we can’t help but think they could be right!

The Toshiba Android tablet was unveiled during CES 2011 and should be launching within the next month or so and brings with it a terrific array of hardware advantages that either match or surpass the overly hyped Apple iPad 2!

The screen on the Toshiba unit is a 10.1 inch model with a super sharp eye friendly resolution or 1280 x 800 with 720p HD support. The CPU is a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 chip which sits alongside a Nvida GeForce graphics chip.

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Like the iPad 2 the Toshiba tablet has 2 cameras but the Toshiba unit’s are considerably better with the front unit being a 2 mega-pixel unit and the rear a 5 mega-pixel unit (the iPad 2 only has a VGA up front and a 0.7 mega-pixel on the back).

Other areas the Toshiba unit beats the iPad 2 are in the expansion department. Where as the iPad 2 just gets a single 30 pin dock connector the Toshiba gets an SD card reader, built in HDMI out, mini USB and a regular USB.

Best of all though is the removable battery (with a screwdriver) and the rumored $500 price tag!

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