Has Apple Just Destroyed the Chinese Tablet Market and its Many Clones?

Those heavy and buggy tablets may have had a market before the iPad’s price drop but we highly doubt that will continue.
And it gets worse for local Chinese manufactures!
The original iPad was such a runaway success last year that it singlehandedly ate up the whole supply of 10 inch capacitive screens, and it was only a few months ago that Chinese manufactures were able to ensure a supply of screens so they could sell their own iPad inspired offerings. These shortages are likely to be kicking in again now due to the high demand for the iPad 2, which means either Chinese companies will have to make smaller tablets, that don’t seem to be as popular (ask Samsung) or try to source 10 inch screens for themselves, meaning higher prices!
Even if the screens weren’t a problem, the quality and function, not to mention the longevity of a Chinese tablet (warranties, spares, software updates) would need to improve ten fold to go up against even the original iPad!
So did Apple just destroy a whole Shanzhai tablet industry, or do Chinese manufacturers have some fight left in them?
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