Motorola Xoom Weak Demand Due To ‘Buggy’ Honeycomb OS

Being the first to launch a product with the latest operating system or a new software is always going to be a turbulent time with plenty of teething problems, but when you add to the mix a rival company launching a similar product with proven OS your out of the frying pan and in to the lava pit!

A Global Equities analyst is stating that the Motorola Xoom’s biggest strength, the Android 3.0 OS has also turned out to be it’s biggest let down!
Customers are complaining that their Xoom tablets are difficult or not ‘natural’ to use, have buggy software that often crashes and that the Motorola tablet offers poor and inconsistent battery life ranging from 2-6 hours.

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The added salt to Motorola’s wounds is that the iPad 2, the Xoom’s biggest rival, flew off shelves this weekend to a happy and expectant crowds.

Fortunately Motorola say they are aware of the problems and are working on rectifying them and also at reducing prices to make the 4G compatible Xoom more attractive to tablet buyers.

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