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Prior to and following Apple’s 2019 iPhones announcement, the reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been forecasting iPhone shipments of between 75 and 80 million for …

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 802 is a chipset that was announced right before the CES 2014 kicked off last month. However, the company now seems to have different thoughts on the future of the Snapdragon 802.

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After seeing innumerable ‘mini’ versions of flagship devices with specs far from what we deem powerful, we’re finally beginning to see OEMs pay heed to the consumers demand for more powerful mini devices.

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Lenovo, the well-known consumer electronics biggie from China, has more than a reason to rejoice. The manufacturing giant, operating in more than a handful of countries, has reported record sales of 4 devices per second for its second fiscal quarter, which ended September 30, 2013, with every figure from market share to revenue headed north!

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Remember remember the 5th of November, the day the WCDMA Xiaomi Hongmi will finally be listed!

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After selling out their first batch Samsung Exynos equipped 8-core phones, Meizu will begin Mx3 sales again from October 10th.

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Mediatek must have impressed someone at Samsung, as reports are coming in that the Korean Android giant is planning to adopt the latest 8-core SoC the Taiwanese company.

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To think that Chinese phone start-up only began shipping phones in 2010 its amazing to learn today the company is already worth $10 Billion!

Xiaomi have readied a record 200,000 Xiaomi M2s phones for fans to directly buy in what could be a change in marketing for the Chinese startup!

The JiaYu G4 has been spotted as a working engineering prototype from as early as the end of 2012. Now 4 months on the flagship phone still hasn’t launched! So what are JiaYu waiting for?

The iOcean X7 Youth version has stayed on course and pre-sales for this extraordinary 5-inch 1080 phone began today at 12:00 China time.

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Anybody that reads knows that we love Android devices. Not surprising considering that most of the Chinese manufacturers that we cover make Android devices. …

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If you have been keeping up with the latest Android phone developments, then you will have noticed the 5-inch 1080 trend developing. However with the …

It’s no secret that Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, has his eyes set on entering both the Taiwanese and Hong Kong markets, but we didn’t realise …

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How would you feel if your technology startup which is only 2 years old had managed to become a billion dollar company? Well this is …

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Now the new iPad is here iPhone 5 or “New iPhone” rumors are beginning to float to the surface with the latest and most persuading …

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Hard disc drives are becoming rarer than hens teeth due to the floods in Thailand, and PC vendors have began desperately searching any and every …

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  The iPhone 4S has yet to be officially launched in China or Hong Kong yet, but that hasn’t stopped the latest iPhone from going …

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The Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet seems to be making fans everywhere it goes making the little converting Honeycomb tablet extremely difficult to find. But, …

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Being the first to launch a product with the latest operating system or a new software is always going to be a turbulent time with …

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