Xiaomi finally learns it’s lesson and readies 200,000 Xiaomi M2s for first day of launch!

Although we love Xiaomi, their phone and the fantastic MIUI, we were always a little upset by the way they launched limited numbers of the phone, seemingly to create demand and shortages. Finally though it seems Xiaomi have changed.

Xiaomi officially ventured out of the mainland of China this year and are now offering the wonderful Xiaomi M2S in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This news is great for those markets, but it also worried Chinese fans, as Xiaomi phones were always in high demand and low supply when only available in China, what would these additional territories mean?

Luckily it seems Xiaomi have got their act together and yesterday announced that they had 200,000 units of the updated Xiaomi M2s ready to directly buy from their online store. Not only that but versions for the major phone networks went on sale too.

Let’s hope Xiaomi continue to keep stocks of M2S and M2A phone from dwindling, and fingers crossed the same strategy is used for the next generation Xiaomi Mi3 which is expected in October.

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