Lawsuit Tuesday: Microsoft is Suing Barnes & Noble over Android

Microsoft has target Barnes & Noble in a patent lawsuit. The Windows makers claims that B&N’s Android based Nook e-book reader infringes a number of their patents and has made a formal complaint about the infringement to the U.S. International Trade Commission.
Microsoft have also named Foxconn (maker of iPhones and iPads for Apple) in the lawsuit which alleges that the Android OS used on certain devices infringes several of Microsoft’s patents.

So why is it only Foxconn and Barnes & Noble feeling the legal wrath of Microsoft? Well according to the Hoarcio Gutieerez, Microsoft’s corporate vice president it is because these two companies have failed to acquire licensed Microsoft technology and that Mircosoft have been trying to work with the accused companies for over a year to reach a licensing agreement, but have now had to resort to legal action.

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This is the 2nd lawsuit that has been sparked due to Android in the past few weeks. Oracle  have also filled complaints against Google due to alleged Java infringements too.

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