Lawsuit Tuesday Continues: Apple Suing Amazon Over App Store

Could Lawsuit Tuesday become an AOST regular feature? Looking at today’s news the answer is looking to be a ‘very possibly!’.
Just minutes after publishing news that Microsoft are suing Foxconn and Barnes & Noble over an dispute to do with Android, we got news that Apple are now taking Amazon to court over their upcoming Android App Store.

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So what are Apple all upset about? Well it seems Amazon have been using the name ‘App Store’ in their branding of their new Android Application market, something which Apple aren’t too happy about as it’s the name they came up with for their iOS application market a few years ago.
Apple claims that they have been in touch with Amazon 3 times about the improper use of their brand name, but Amazon have declined to do anything about it, so Apple are taking them to court!

This legal battle has increased tensions and rivalry between the 2 companies who both offer e-book, music, software and now applications through online stores.

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