Apple Market Value Surges: Insights on iPhone 16 and Labor Trends

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Apple has seen its market value rise over the past five trading days. With these recent gains, Apple’s market value has neared 3.5 trillion US dollars. This surge has allowed Apple to pass Microsoft and reclaim its spot as the world’s most valuable company. In 2018, Apple made history by becoming the first publicly traded company to achieve a market value of 1 trillion dollars, buoyed by robust iPhone sales and expanding services like the App Store and iCloud. By August 2020, amidst the global pandemic, Apple reached the 2 trillion dollar milestone, driven by increased demand for digital products and services. In January 2022, Apple briefly touched the unprecedented 3 trillion dollar mark, underscoring its strong performance and unwavering investor confidence. Now, in 2024, Apple’s market value surge has propelled again. This ongoing growth highlights Apple’s enduring appeal, innovative prowess, and strategic leadership in the tech industry.

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Increased iPhone 16 Orders

The China Securities Taurus has reported a rise in Apple’s orders for the iPhone 16 series. The stocking goal for this year’s iPhone 16 has been raised to about 90 million units. This boost in orders shows Apple’s strong belief in its upcoming product lineup. It hints that Apple expects high demand for the new iPhone 16, in line with the positive trends in its market value.

Foxconn Steps Up Recruitment

Foxconn, Apple’s main foundry, has begun its peak season hiring drive. Reports say the hourly wage at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou Airport plant has been increased to 25 yuan. Though this wage is less than the 30 yuan offered during periods of labor shortage, it remains fairly high within the current assembly line recruitment market.

Worker Incentives

Foxconn is giving extra perks to attract workers. If workers choose the rebate model, they can earn an extra bonus of 7,500 yuan after 90 days of work. This perk is likely to draw many job seekers, offering a large boost to their earnings over a short time.

Recruitment Trends in Shenzhen

Foxconn’s Longhua plant in Shenzhen has also started large-scale hiring. But the higher wage of 25 yuan per hour is for the 3W business groups that need workers to wear dust-free clothes and make camera modules. Other business groups within the plant offer an hourly wage of about 21 yuan.

Labor Market Trends in Shanghai

In Shanghai’s Pudong New District, the labor market on Xiuyan Road shows broader trends. Apple and Huawei’s supply chain plants dominate the hiring scene, leading to lower wages compared to past years. This high need for labor from big tech firms has shifted the dynamics of the local labor market.

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Insights from Agencies

A labor agency with over ten years of experience has noted shifts in wage trends. In past years, the hourly wage for Changshuo could reach 26 to 27 yuan at this time. But this year, it has dropped to about 23 yuan. This drop in wages shows the competitive nature of the current labor market and the high need for workers.

Stricter Age Rules

Plants have also become stricter with age rules for workers. They are no longer hiring students under 23 years old or middle-aged people over 42 years old. This shift shows a choice for a more specific age group, likely aimed at optimizing output and efficiency.

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Apple’s Strategic Moves

Apple’s rise in iPhone 16 orders and Foxconn’s increased hiring efforts show strategic moves to meet expected demand. By securing a large workforce, Apple ensures that output can keep up with market needs. The perks offered by Foxconn further stress the value of a stable and motivated workforce.

Competitive Edge in Tech

The race between Apple and other tech giants like Microsoft and Huawei drives these strategic choices. By investing in high-volume output and keeping a strong workforce, Apple aims to stay ahead in the tech market. This plan not only boosts its market value but also ensures that it can meet user demands promptly.

Impact on Workers

For workers, the higher wages and perks offered by Foxconn provide large earning chances. The high hourly wages, especially for specific business groups, make these jobs attractive. The extra bonuses also offer big financial perks, boosting the overall appeal of these jobs.

Broader Economic Effects

The trends seen in Apple’s market value, iPhone 16 orders, and Foxconn’s hiring drive have broader economic effects. The need for labor and the strategic moves by tech giants show the dynamic nature of the tech industry. These trends impact not only the firms involved but also the broader economy, influencing labor markets and wage trends.


Long-Term Implications

As Apple continues to lead the tech market, its strategic choices will likely have lasting effects on both the industry and the broader economy. The push for higher wages and better perks may set a new standard in the tech industry, prompting other firms to follow suit. This could lead to a more competitive labor market, with workers benefiting from better pay and work conditions.


Apple’s recent rise in market value and the strategic boost in iPhone 16 orders show the company’s strong market position. Foxconn’s increased hiring efforts, with attractive wages and perks, stress the value of a motivated workforce in meeting output goals. The competitive labor market trends in places like Shanghai show broader economic trends driven by big tech firms. As Apple continues to lead the tech market, its strategic choices will likely have lasting effects on both the industry and the broader economy. The balance of wages, labor demand, and output will shape the future of the tech labor market, setting new standards and expectations.

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