Samsung Planning 3D Glasses-less Retina Displays

Samsung have been showing off their planned road map for its tablet business giving us a great insight at what the guys in Korea are planning.

The big news is that Samsung plans to increase pixel denisty between now and 2015. The plan is to first up the pixel count to around 200-300 ppi then later to 300-400 ppi, this would effectively make the Samsung screens Retina displays, much like the ones found on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4.

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Not only will this greater pixel density improve graphics and reduce eye strain while reading, but according to Samsung, will help improve batter life!

Other interesting news is that Samsung are toying with the idea of glasses-less 3D screen, but are waiting to hear customer feedback before implenting the option, and also they plan to supply tablets that can recognize handwriting and can be used with a stylus!

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