Is Motorola Getting Tired of Android?

Is Motorola getting cold feet about Android? That’s what some are saying after reports that Motorola, the only major licensee of Android, are working on their own web based OS.

The news has sparked a lot of interest and a few conspiracy theories claiming that Motorola are planning to ditch Google’s Android due to the web giant’s recent legal problems with Oracle.

Motorola have been quick to respond with a statement saying they are committed to the Android OS, but didn’t confirm or deny that they are developing a new OS.

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Adding fuel to the fire is news that Motorola have hired engineers from Apple and Adobe with mobile operating system development backgrounds.

Although it’s unlikely that Motorola will leave Android anytime soon, it does seem to be a growing trend of many manufacturers to develop their own operating systems, which will allow them greater control of their products. HTC and Samsung are also reportedly working on their own OS and HP already has WebOS which it gained after acquiring Palm.

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