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If reports are to be believed, the now-Facebook subsidiary is all set to roll out a similar update for Windows Phone users.

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Google is tired of hearing about Android fragmentation and is finally starting to enforce a policy intended to ensure that new customers will get the latest Operating System available, or at least the one below it.

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We’ve recently been witnessing a multitude of phone releases with support for more than just one operating system. Prime example would be OPPO’s N1, which ships, albeit in a limited edition, with the CyanogenMod OS apart from the stock ColorOS.

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So the rumours were true! The first manufacturer to jump on the COS bandwagon is Taiwanese phone maker HTC!

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Mozilla’s own operating system, Firefox OS, can be found powering an array of entry-level devices, but this is the first time a tablet sporting the browser-based operating system has popped up.

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A few days ago we posted news that China is planning to release it’s own homemade mobile operating system called COS. This leaked photo could be of the first phone to run it!

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After surprising us with low-cost, high-performance hardware in the recent years, China now seems to have another trick up its sleeve — the COS operating system.

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In a new twist to the Android naming scheme, Google have partnered up with Nestle and named Android 4.4 KitKat!

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It seems Android USB sticks which turn your TV in to an all singing all dancing Android ICS 4.0 smart TV are totally in vogue …

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Apple WWDC left a lot of people disappointed with a no show for the iPhone 5, new Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro and of course …

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Are you as excited as us? Well you should be as Gizchina will be getting the world’s first hands on, unboxing and review of the …

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So the Apple WWDC is over and we’re treated to some fantastic news, some of which we already new, but by far the most exciting …

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So you have heard the news and hype surrounding the hugely popular Android on a stick USB PC’s which can turn your TV into a …

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Remember before Christmas  when a new Chinese tablet brand, Cutepad, released their low cost 7 inch Android tablet? Well the company is back with an …

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If you haven’t heard of the Chinese Android tablet brand Ainol we will have to assume you haven’t been on the internet for the past …

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Chinese Android tablet manufacturers have been creating great, functional and best of all cheap Android tablet for some time, but it is only in the …

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Following on from the success of the Raspberry PI a Hong Kong based electronics group have produced their own “Android on a Stick” uPC device …

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Uberoid is a HoneyComb style Android operating system especially designed for budget Android tablets, the kind of tablets you can find on E-bay for $100 …

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