Another Super Cheap VAIO Style Laptop Clone

After the constant bombardment of Apple rumors or Android tablet news, It’s a refreshing change to post some news about a laptop for a change.
Due to the popularity of Android tablets and the seeming demise of netbooks, laptop computers, at least the super cheap Shanzhai variety, have been moved to the back burner of most consumers minds.
This lack of interest has spurred the laptop makers of China to either, clone, innovate or both and most importantly do whatever they’re doing on the cheap!
More details and photos after the jump.

This 14 inch tablet from Shenzhen Diqiao covers all those bases; it’s cheap, has an innovative removable DVD burner that can be replaced with a secondary battery and it has a passing resemblance of a Sony Vaio computer.

The black body is a made of both tough plastic, for the base, and durable brushed alloy for the lid and screen bezel.

The screen on this laptop is a 14inch model with a resolution of 1366×768, which should be up to the task of rendering web pages and HD video with nice bright vivid colours.

As mentioned above you get a removable DVD burner that can be replaced with a backup battery just in case the 2400mAh main battery doesn’t provide enough juice (and we imagine it can’t).

Also in the plastic and alloy body are 3 x USB, VGA, Ethernet, SD card reader, Sim card slot for 3G and HDMI out.

The internal hardware, 1.8 Ghz dual-core Intel Atom CPU, GMA3150 graphics (Nvidia Ion 2 is optional) and up to 2Gb RAM, is nothing to shout home about, but should provide enough power for web browsing, emails, word document and possibly a little Photoshop work.

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Overall this 14 inch Shenzhen made Vaio look-a-like is a pretty good little laptop, and looks increasingly more interesting when you factor in the super low price of 1799 Yuan ($275).

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Via: Shanzhaiben

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