Motorola Xoom Not So Fly

The poor old Motorola Xoom has been plauged with teeth troubles since it’s launch. From buggy Honeycomb OS to lack of Flash at launch, to a complete lack in third party app support! The Xoom is struggling.

It’s not just on the performance and usability front that the first ever Honeycomb tablet is stuggling though as the Xoom is having trouble getting off the shelves and in to peoples homes in the first place.

Gizchina News of the week

The situation has gotten so bad that big name electronics retail stores in the UK, Dixons, PC World and Car Phone Warehouse, have had to drastically slash prices to attract buyers.

To make matters worse the Asus Transforming Eepc will launch soon bringing with it a detachable keyboard, similar hardware specifications but at a much lower price!

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