Meizu Heading For Sunny California and Possible Legal Hot Water

Here at Gizchina we’re over the moon that Meizu are planning on spreading their wings and officially enter foreign markets. The small but solid company have a great team of engineers, developers, designers and loyal following both at home and abroad, however there are some in the U.S that may not be so happy to see Meizu setting up shop.

Back when Meizu launched their first smart phone, the Windows CE equipped M8, people remarked on how much the surprisingly well made Chinese device looked a lot like the iPhone of the time (the original iPhone 2G) this was enough to set off the Apple legal department and they were enough to force Meizu to stop producing the M8.

Fast forward to the end of last year and Meizu launched the M9, and while it doesn’t really look too much like the iPhone 4 (it actually looks more like a shrunken Samsung Galaxy S) some of it’s features and it’s rather impressive Android UI might be enough to set the big angry Apple lawyers off once more, especially if the move to California comes true.

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In fact it would be highly unlikely that Meizu would be able to enter the American market without any legal backlash from Apple, or Samsung for that matter!

Apple are already taking on Samsung, the makers of the iPhone and iPad CPU’s due to design and patent similarities with the Korean firms Galaxy phones, and as already mentioned the M9 does look a lot like a smaller Galaxy, it even uses the same internal PCB design and chips (supplied by Samsung) as the Galaxy S!

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But then again Apple might be really happy to see Jack Wong and the new Meizu MX and give him a nice pat on the back……….

Meizu 加油!

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