Motorola Has Only Sold 100k Xooms

Motorola have been posting some pretty depressing, if you happen to be a Motorola shareholder, revenue figures. According to the report Motorola, the makers of the first ever Android Honeycomb tablet have managed a loss of $81 million !!

$81 million is a huge amount of capital to be losing no matter how big your company happens to be, but a loss of that much after launching one of the most hyped machines of the year is really rubbing salt in to the wound.

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As for the Xoom, Motorola claim that they have shipped 250,000 tablets, not iPad numbers but nothing to be sniffed at, however anaylists believe the shipped units don’t quite tally with the number actually sold which they believe to be more like 100,000 units!

We imagine tablet from Acer and Samsung may be partly to blame, but a lack of Honeycomb specific apps can’t help either!

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