Super Thin Lenovo X1 Images Leaked

We are secret fans of the ugly duckling Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad styling, the chunky looks and awkward looking mouse/touchpad combo make for a retro-tastic looking laptop.

The ThinkPad X1 is an all together different, much sexier, super thin beast and someone over at MyDrivers managed to snap these spy shots.

The design is a radical departure from the original IBM ThinkPad design, with a much smoother flowing look.

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These photos don’t give us any idea of what plugs and ports the X1 will get, but we imagine there will be at least 2 X USB, HDMI out and probably a built in SD card reader.

One nice touch is the illuminated keyboard! Something which we have come to love on the Macbook Pro line of Apple laptops.

We’ll bring more details of the Lenovo X1 as we get them.

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Via: Cloned in China and My Drivers

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