Apple Beijing Selling Refurbished iPhone 4’s As New

apple store beijing
A crowded Apple store in Beijing where customers could be getting ripped off!

How would you feel if you had just spent over $700 on a new iPhone 4 only to discover that your new super gadget is actually second-hand? Well that’s what has happened to at least 6 Apple customers in China!

We’ve all heard of shady double dealings, but we don’t usually link dodgy sales and Apple together, but if reports coming out of China are true, Apple Beijing have been a little naughty!

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apple beijing selling refurbished iPhones as new
The receipt for an iPhone which is thought to have been sold new, but in a second-hand state

At least 6 Apple customers are claiming that iPhone 4’s they had bought though official Apple store in Beijing appeared to be refurbished units, yet Apple charged full whack for the second-hand phones and didn’t alert customers to what they were buying.

Some units were found to have scratches, others were unable to connect to the Internet, and one customer found that their ‘New’ iPhone had received repairs months before they had even set hands on it, and that 12 month warranties had magical been reduced by up to 3 months!

Chinese customer rights activist Wang Hai, has documented the evidence from the complaints and is planning legal action against Apple!


Come on Apple we knew iPhone 4’s were in short supply but to rip people off like that is totally unforgivable!

Via: Global Times and MicGadget

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