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Rokid Vision

Renowned Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence company, Rokid,  has officially unveiled its latest generation of MR glasses, Rokid Vision, at AWE USA held today. Rokid …

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If you are a pet owner, then you are surely painfully aware about the destructive potential of your furry friend and no new piece of …

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dodocool da88

Do you own many devices built before the bluetooth age? Then you might want to add the tech to them with a very simple and …

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Ever wanted to play your favorite music on your big stereo speaker setup from your smartphone but you couldn’t unless you connected both directly through …

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Friday is the best day for shopping, because people are in the relaxed mood and already switched to the weekend mode. So it’s a perfect …

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Xiaomi have announced a fresh new addition to their arsenal of nifty yet affordable gadgets in the 4-in-1 USB Type-C adapter.

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huawei honor 6x

If you have a little spare cash after Christmas and New Year and want to treat your self to a bargain piece of Chinese tech then you’re in the right place.

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xiaomi screwdriver

Xiaomi aren’t shy about making things that you wouldn’t normally associate with tech makers, but once again they have done it and this time its an electric screwdriver.

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Xiaomi might have made a name through their phones and MIUI, but they also make some of the coolest tech gadgets available. Here is a list of my personal favourites. What are yours?

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ehear e2

The popularity of GoPro has had Chinese gadget makers scratching their heads wondering how they can also get a piece of the action without going for clone product. The EHEAR E2 is one camera with additional functions.

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Happy Christmas everyone! The GizChina team wishes all of you a great Christmas and hope you have an amazing time with your friends and family!

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Xiaomi have desperately trying to keep their latest gadget, a wireless router with built-in storage, under wraps but determined tipsters have finally released images of the device online.

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It has been a fantastic year here for us at Gizchina! Thanks to all our great readers for coming back to catch up on the …

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Rumours suggest that the new iPad mini could see a launch date of the 17th October with the first batch of small iPads available for …

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The iPhone 5 is really not all that appealing to me at the moment, not when I can buy an awesome Chinese phone now for …

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We’re currently in the middle of writing up our ultimate HTC One S knock off review, but we just could resist publishing these photos! More …

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The HTC One S is one of the best looking and best performing Android phones on the market today, but you don’t need to buy …

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We all love to grab a bargain, so with it being Friday I thought I would share not one but two excellent gadget bargains with …

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If you were anything like me in the mid 80’s you watched Knight Ryder religiously, lied to your teachers about being called Micheal Knight and …

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Due to Chinese laws and regulations, China is usually the market which recevices the latest Apple gadget last, but not this time as an ‘iPhone …

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