Top Xiaomi Gadgets; which do you use? Which will you buy?

Xiaomi might have made a name through their phones and MIUI, but they also make some of the coolest tech gadgets available. Here is a list of my personal favourites. What are yours?

Although I don’t use a Xiaomi phone on a day to day basis anymore (not that there is anything wrong with their phones), I do always have sometime with that familiar Mi logo next to me, keeping me connected, or helping me keep fit.

Xiaomi’s gadgets are low cost, well made and have great features. Even if you don’t have a Xiaomi phone or aren’t a Xiaomi fan I really recommend you try some of the following.

Xiaomi Power Bar

xiaomi power strip

This has got to be the most indispensable piece of hardware that I have. The Xiaomi Power Par features 3 x USB plugs and 3 x Chinese mains plugs. The main cable itself also has a Chinese plug but with the use of an adapter you can hook it up to the mains and have a super safe, and convenient way to charge your Chinese tech and USB device.

It might look like a simple mains adaptor but the Xiaomi Power Bar is made from fire proof material and features power surge protection too!

Xiaomi Router

xiaomi router gizchina

The Xiaomi Router is my preferred WIFI router and storage solution. Earlier models had issues with the fan, but mine has been on constantly for over 12 months and hasn’t had a single problem.

1TB or storage is enough for storing your video and photos for home streaming, and you can even set it up as the location for weekly laptop backups.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Gamepad

xiaomi gamepad

The Xiaomi Gamepad is an incredible piece of bit. Physically it looks similar to an Xbox control, but in your hand it is a much more comfortable device. The finish of the black plastic body is super comfy and smooth. Hook it up to your Android tablet, or Android TV box for some large screen gaming.

Xiaomi Mi Band

xiaomi mi band review

I use an Android Wear Asus watch most of the time now, but the one thing I hate about it is having to charge it night after night. If you only want your wearable to help you with simple notifications (a buzz and flashing light) and to keep track of your fitness then the Xiaomi Mi Band is the answer.

This wearable has a 30 day battery life, no screen to worry about scratching and costs a fraction of the cost of other wearables. Beware though there are a lot of fake Mi Bands on the market!

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Bulb

xiaomi yeelight

This one I don’t actually own yet, but it is on my shopping list. In actual fact I plan to buy a few of these. The benefits of the Yeelight smart bulb are the very long lasting LED bulbs, plus the different hues the light will produce. The Yeelight has a handful of built in light settings from a “Romantic Mode” to “Theater Mode” all controlled via an app on your phone.

Xiaomi USB LED Lamp

xiaomi usb lamp

This tiny little portable LED lamp uses very little power and can either be plugged directly in to your laptop, a power bank or even powered by a USB OTG cable from your phone. It’s great for working in the evening, reading or just keeping a small work surface illuminated and not disturb others. Best of all they only cost $9.99.

XiaoYi IP camera


The XiaoYi IP camera as a ton of great uses. You can set it up for video chat, leave it in your home for security purposes, use it to monitor your kids while they are asleep or even place them in a haunted house for a spot of web based ghost hunting. The XiaoYi IP camera uses its own App and once connected to your Xiaomi account you can access the camera via your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Sound Bar

xiaomi speaker

This is another Xiaomi gadget I hope to soon own. Xiaomi make a couple of different speakers from waterproof models for use in the shower to small portable Bluetooth speakers. This version is as portable as the rest but also larger for improved sound quality. The speaker has a 1200mAh battery for 11 hours of music playback and a Bluetooth streaming range of 10 meters.

Which are your favourite Xiaomi gadgets

This is just a small selection of Xiaomi gadgets, the Beijing based phone maker also has mini portable fans, smart sockets, action cameras, earphones are other great products available. Which Xiaomi gadgets to you use? Which do you hope to buy next? Let us know in the comments below.

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