Start your online career with Vidlok Live Stream Kits

Vidlok Live Stream Kits

Nowadays everything is happening in the online space and the growth of YouTube influencers and streams is staggering. And of course many people want to get on board with the modern flow, because you really dont need that much to start. Today we have for you something to point you to the right direction in this category, at least in the audio department. Vidlok Live Streams Kits is a perfect set for recording audio not just for online streaming, but also for music recording, karaoke concerts and much more.

The full set of Vidlok Live Stream Kits consists of multi-function sound card and mixing board, microphone for computer and mobile devices and also 10-inch ring light for setting the scene. All you need to start streaming, because the last remaining piece of the puzzle is just your mobile phone. The set supports wide range of various devices through Android, iOS and Windows platform compatibility and can cooperate with variety of apps.

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Three pieces of the puzzle

Sound card / mixing board can offer intelligent DSP audio chip for all the adjustments, sound effects, voice changing features and real-time monitoring. It’s also wireless with Bluetooth connection. The microphone with metal body, anti-interference build and three-pin interface is very sensitive and just what you need to start recording or streaming. And the 10″ ring light with 80 lumens and 10W power will give it just the proper lightning. With it you are also getting astand, phone holder and USB cable.

Who are the makers ?

Guys from Vidlok are experts in the field, founded in October 2015 by product head from LONGCHEER Technology and based in Shanghai. Their portfolio has several very interesting products, so it’s a good idea to check their website for more information or keep track of news on their Facebook page. You never know if something out there is not going to pick your interest.

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