Need to train your pets ? DogCare scatmat is the answer


If you are a pet owner, then you are surely painfully aware about the destructive potential of your furry friend and no new piece of furniture is safe from their wrath. Training them to avoid such bad behaviour can be a very tricky and long endevour, but there are some easier ways to achieve that. Using some advanced gadgets like the DogCare scatmat is the surefire way to teach your pet to avoid the high value things and offers quite some advantages over the comparable competition models like the Petsafe scatmat.

For example the DogCare scatmat is coming with 3 training modes to switch between, so you just start with the Shock+Beep mode, which will give your pet a static shock followed by a high-frequency beep to alert it about the bad behaviour. Once the pet is familiar with the beep sound you can change the mode just to Beep so no static corrections are necessary anymore. In comparison Petsafe scatmat offers just the shock mode. You can also choose 3 shock levels based on the size of your pet, but you don’t have to worry, no level will actually harm the pet at all.

There is also a built-in auto shut-off protection mechanism to protect your pet from continuous shocks, because it turns off the mat instantly after 10 seconds of pet being in contact with the mat. Then it restarts automatically once the pet leaves the mat. Once again big advantage against the competition, which is usually missing this feature. DogCare scatmat also has 5 conductive wires for better durability and longevity of the mat, optimized circuit board for energy efficiency and unlimited extension for larger coverage.

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You can find the DogCare scatmat currently for example on Amazon for just $42.85 so there is no problem with getting the product internationally anywhere. So if you are looking for a pet training gadget with many safety features and options, then this one is surely one of the most interesting ones.

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