Knock-off Samsung Galaxy S With 4inch AMOLED Screen

fake samsung galaxy s
Fake Samsung Galaxy S with 4inch AMOLED screen

The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the more desirable Android phones on the markets due to it’s excellent build quality and superb functions, it’s of no surprise then that someone has cloned it! But the extent of the cloning is pretty impressive.

Unlike the majority of knock-off phones found in China, this Samsung Galaxy S clone has actually been designed to work in conjuction with China Telecom’s 3G network, what’s more, much of the original’s top of the range hardware has managed to find it’s way into this Chinese made clone.

The most striking feature of the knock-off Galaxy S is the huge 4 inch screen! Not only is it impressively large, but it also happens to be a Super AMOLED 4 inch capacitive unit! Making this fake Samsung’s screen as impressive and (in my opinon) more vibrant than the Retina display of the iPhone 4!

Even the Android OS loaded on to this impressive clone is the same Touchwiz 3.0 system which is loaded as standard on many high-end Samsung Android devices.

samsung galaxy s clone
Samsung Galaxy S Clone

Other nice features are the dual camers, front  mega-pixel and the rear a HD video caputre unit (no mention of still photo quality), WiFI, 3G, dual sim support and GPS!

The fake Samsung Galaxy S is available for sale online in China from 950 Yuan ! ($148!)


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