Want To Run Android On You New $99 Touchpad? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Since HP decided to dump their excess stock of Touchpads on to the unsuspecting world, people have been thinking ‘great a cheap tablet’ but on the other hand ‘what about software updates?’ as HP are leaving the hardware game of good it’s likely that those Touchpads will be seeing any updates, bug fixes or additional functions added so what to do?

Thankfully it sounds as though HP are trying to give WebOS some life and are still trying to keep developers on board, making improvements and adding new applications to the rather small portfolio.

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But, the big hope for some is that a new dev team known as Touchdroid will get Android up and running on the Touchpad device.

And it really and truly is just that, hope! They team only banded together a matter of days ago, they have nothing working yet and only have a bunch of hopes and dreams! That’s not to say that the TouchDroid team won’t manage to port Android to the sleek HP device, but just don’t expect a solid Android user experience on the Touchpad this side of Christmas!


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  1. jacker
    September 17, 2011

    what a bs post! CM’s port is 70% done!

    show how much you know!