Brilliance Auto EV Concept

Briiliance EV

I have to admit I’m slightly biased toward anything Brilliance Autos (中华)reveals. I love their BS4 Wagon, BS4 Saloon, like the idea of the Brilliance Coupe and love the FRV hatchback so much that I bought one!

This is Brilliance’s EV concept which was shown at a number of auto shows last year. I’m rather surprised that the sleek looking Electric MPV didn’t cause more of a stir! It’s seems to have had a cold reception in the west, probably due to the lack of brand knowledge for Brilliance and partly due to shoddy companies like BYD taking the limelight with it’s various Toyota, Honda and Mercedes clones.

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It’s a real shame that commentors in the west don’t get to see true Chinese design for what it is, so I’ve decided to post the little EV!

Personally, I find the Brilliance EV a handsome little beast from all angles, the overall shape and size looks both pleasing and practical, a weeks worth of shopping, or my bike would happily fit in the back. Speaking of the back, the rear seats offer plenty of leg room for the occupants in the back.

The concept EV sports a rather interesting door design, which is excellent for tight parking in the busy city, but this would probably be dropped in favor of a more traditional design if it were to ever make production.

Brilliance claim it’s EV will reach a top speed of 130km/h and can run a distance of 150km on a single charge averaging a speed of 40km/h. A full charge of it’s Li-ion batteries can be achieved at home in about 8 hours, or in 30 minutes at dedicated charging stations.

We’ll bring more info on this and other interesting vehicles in the future.

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