Chinese Nazi Cosplay Marriage!

Chinese Nazi Cosplay Marriage!

chinese nazi wedding
A Chinese couple get married in a Nazi uniform and Japanese cosplay attire

For any woman in the world the biggest day of their life is their wedding day (so I’ve been told). So what better way to remember the happiest day of your life than dressing up like Hitler!

Of all the titles I thought I would have ever written when we started Gizchina, “Chinese Nazi Cosplay Marriage!” was way way down on the list!

chinese cosplay nazi wedding
A pretty Chinese bride and the Chinese Hitler

Traditionally in China wedding photos are taken before (way before, in some cases years before) actually tying the knot, which may well be good news for this young Chinese bride who appears to be marrying a Chinese Nazi soldier!


Via: Marketing Chine

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  • ian

    Nazi’s are responsible for the death of millions! They are war criminals! How anyone would want to dress up as one, let alone marry in a nazi uniform is beyond me. That is some really sick stuff! 🙁

    • I agree! You would have to be pretty mental to want to dress like that on your big day!

  • Some guy

    come on alot of people in Japan are doing it too and alot of them are not nazis they’re just wearing the uniform to look cool



    • Isn’t the girl dressed as a Japanese anime cartoon?

    • Rocarelc

      You do not understand ANYTHING. The Nazis were allies to the Japanese. How would Chinese feel if Jews started dressing up as Japanese imperial solders in Nanjing to get married?

  • JiangX1004

    lol not all chinese hate japanese and that ian guy is probaly jewish? no offense i have nothing against jewish people

  • BobCob

    For one thing, most Asian countries don’t even know about the Holocaust. My family is Korean (I was born in the US so I know about the Holocaust) and they all don’t know what the Holocaust is, or who Hitler is. If there are people that know, they probably saw a picture of the swastika and thought the attire looked cool. Most people are clueless about the meaning behind the clothing though.

  • Mike

    Well – Nazi suits were perfectly designed. After all it was Hugo Boss that made them.
    Many people around the world are going crazy about this nazi-loving company that made those uniforms.

  • singaporeanSwastika

    i know abt the holocaust.. but still.. i love dressing up in condemned uniforms and attend cosplay events in singapore.. i LOVE the reaction of americans at Marina bay sands

  • john cristal

    49 million died, not only jews, not only euirope… this musyt be removed…. it ois offensive and I have contacted Anonymous to target the web sitre and have it shut down,,, you are warned,,,,, insensitive basytards