It Won’t Be Easy To Hit This ‘G’ Spot!

Chinese g spot computer
Want to hit the Chinese G Spot with this netbook?

Local netbook makers have been popping up one after another over the past few years. Some are genuinely bringing new and innovative products to the market, others bring the copies and then there are others that see the ever growing netbook market as a way to diversify and make a quick buck!
Today, we came across this ‘g’ branded netbook, which falls flat on its face in the ‘make a quick buck’ category.

Take a look at the pictures and tell us that this wasn’t designed by someone rubbing their hands together with ‘$’ in their eyes!

Nothing on the ‘g’ really makes any logical sence! For some reason the web camera is located to the right of the already tiny 7 inch screen. This in turn makes the screen seem even smaller due to the non-symmetrical design. Not only is that camera eating away at screen real estate, but its always there staring and probing you! At least when they’re placed top dead center you can ignore them!
Then there’s that extremely tiny tiny tiny tiny track pad! What on earth were they thinking! Users all over the globe slate netbooks that come with tiny track pads so what do Sylvania, the makers of the ‘g’, do?

Gizchina News of the week

That’s right measure the smallest track pad ever and cut it into quarters! I wonder if ‘barely big enough for a finger’ was in the design brief?

On the plus side the 930gram ‘g’ does come with 2 x USB 2.0, ethernet connection, a headphone and microphone socket plus a … hang on….. wait is that….. a DVI out? Why?!
Specs at a glimpse:

  • Sylvania custom Linux O.S
  • 1.2 Mhz VX700 processor
  • 1Gb Ram
  • 30Gb hard drive
  • 7 inch LCD screen
  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • DVI
  • SD card reader
  • Below 1000RMB price tag

We don’t thing the big 3, Asus, Acer and Hassee have much to worry about for now!

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