Rovio Parnter Up With Rather Than Sue Chinese Angry Bird Themepark

people playing real angry birds
Real Life Angry Birds China uses stuffed toys as projectiles

Here’s a lesson which many a western company might want to take notice of, rather than flinging your legal weight around in China why not attempt to partner up with the guys ripping you off?

Rovio’s monstrous push into China, has seen the game developer make a special Moon Festival (this Monday)  version of the popular Angry Birds game, and even dabble in traditional Chinese snacks with the launch of their own Angry Birds Mooncakes.

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the real life angry birds in China
Window to the World themepark China and it's Angry Bird game

As the company and their game has gained the public’s eye China, companies have been quick to to a little IP theft and cash in on the gaming phenomenon and the cuddly characters.

One such example is this ‘Real Life Angry Bird Game’ located at the ‘Window to the World’ Theme park in China, but rather than march in with it’s lawyers, Rovio have decided to seize the opportunity to team up with the park!

real life angry birds china
Real life Angry Bird Game China

Obviously this will benefit Rovio by way of free publicity, however it may send out the wrong signals to over would be Angry Birds IP thieves looking to make a quick few dollars.

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