Huawei Digital Life Demo

Shenzhen Huawei
Shenzhen Huawei have a vision of an Android Future!

Shenzhen based Huawei, are a true Chinese success story. Founded in 1988 with an initial investment of 24,000RMB they started out life as a small distributor of PBX products.

In 1993 they developed the first domestic digital telephone switch which had the capacity of controlling over 10,000 circuits.

They soon built a a name for themselves and became the official supplier of components to companies such as British Telecom and Vodafone.

Now, in 2010 Huawei are the 2nd largest supplier of mobile equipment in the world, with only Ericsson being able to fend them off the top spot.

Over the last few years Huawei have been pushing the boundaries of digital lifestyle. Their aim is for consumer to have a network of mobile devices in the home which automatically sync with one another through a mixture of docking stations, wireless networks and finger gestures.

The video below demos a few of  their ideas for the future. We especially like the idea of ‘flicking’ content from the tablet device to the TV.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Huawei to see if any of these excellent concepts become a reality!

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