HP “Don’t Blame Us! The Cockroaches Did It!”

HP Cockroach problem

HP China have been inundated with complaints over the past few days since Monday’s ‘World Consumer Day’ holiday, a holiday made to enforce the rights of unhappy customers to complain and receive fair warranties.

HP’s dissatisfied Chinese customers poured in to local HP after sales offices, after hearing news that the Fair Trade Authority were investigating and also after seeing this video of a rather calm gentleman tearing his HP computer apart as way of protest.

The media has gotten involved to, interviewing various HP reps with hidden cameras to find out what the cause are for all these quality problems.

The result……. COCKROACHES are to blame! While HP admit to some of the problems being quality related, they also say:
“an individuals living conditions have a great effect on the operating lifespan of our computers”
They continue to go on about how fierce the Chinese cockroach can be, and suggest that the rather hardy bug is to blame for overheating, hard-drive and booting problems!

If you can understand Chinese check out the video below, the bit about the cockroaches is at around 3:10. The rest of the video is of various reps trying to deny knowledge of problems that were infact published by HP online, and of unhappy HP customers with wads of repair bills.

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