iPad 2 3G Launch Fails To Draw Crowds in China

the ipad 2 3g launch is a fail in China
Apple's first failed launch under Tim Cook!


It isn’t all that surprising that the final official launch of the iPad 2 3G, the first 3G iPad to be officially put on sale in China, failed to draw the same amount of attention the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Wi-Fi received, but to not have anyone waiting on launch day, is a monumental fail!

Apple’s First Failed Product Launch Under Tim Cook!


When we think of Apple launches we automatically think of people camping days in advance, huge lines, and sometimes the odd Apple related crime, so when we saw these photos of the iPad 2 3G launch, the whole seen is almost alien!

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no one waiting for 3g ipad 2 china
No lines of people waiting for the iPad 2 3G in China



Not a single person is seen waiting for the iPad 2 3G at its Chinese launch!

Some people are blaming the lack of interest on the fact the iPad 2 Wi-fi has been on the market for months and the 3G model is available through the grey market via Hong Kong.


no one want ipad 2 3g china
It seems Chinese Apple fans are keeping their money in their pockets for the iPhone 5 launch


Others claim the price is too high, which it is, at $720 for the 16Gb 3G model!

But we personally feel it’s due to the lack of Jailbreak avaialble for the iPad 2, as well as the lack of affordable data connection plans, plus most Chinese Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 5, and more than likely can’t afford both.

Via: Technode

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