Confirmed: iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S Officially Coming Next Month!

al gore leaks iphone 5 and 4s launch date
Al Gore makes a speech and announces iPhone 5 and 4 launch

Well when we say ‘Confirmed’ we mean that former U.S. Vice President Al Gore mentioned the release of ‘iPhones’ in a speech given at the South African”Discovery Investment Leadership Summit,”.

At the summit Gore ‘suddenly’ inserted the sentence:

“Not to mention the upcoming release of the iPhones next month.” (want free press much Al?)

The use of ‘iPhones’ rather than iPhone, has some thinking that both the next generation iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S will launch next month.

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iphone 4 vs iphone 5
iPhone 4 vs iPhone 5 screen size


So unless Al Gore is privy to some inside Apple knowledge, or has been using his green thumbs to prise some juicy details from Tim Cook (who may or may not be in Hong Kong this weekend to open the new Apple store), he knows just as much as we do from guessing and reading tech blogs!

The iPhone 4S is thought to be a souped up iPhone 4 with a plastic body rather than glass, a faster Apple A5 CPU and possible better front and rear cameras, which has been developed for up and coming markets like China.

The iPhone 5 is more of a mystery, but it is also expected to use an A5 CPU, have an 8 mega-pixel rear camera (at least), a larger screen and a tapered alloy body.

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