Alibaba Working on New Tablet and Smartphone

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Alibaba, the company behind Taobao, Alipay, and possibly Yahoo in the near future, are preparing 2 new entries to take on the likes of Lenovo and Apple in the Chinese gadget market.

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Both devices will run Alibaba’s custom operating system known as Aliyun, which is currently in use on the company’s first smartphone (which we can’t quite place at the moment).

The smartphone, which will go by the rather uninspiring name of W800 will come in array of colors that we can best describe as ‘luxurious’ rather than fashionable, and will boast a 1GHz Tegra 2 CPU, front and rear cameras and a large 4.3 inch touch-screen.

Alibaba’s tablet, which has garnered the the unofficial name of ‘China’s iPad’ is currently in development by K-touch, the company behind the W800 smartphone.
Like the W800 the ‘YanPad’ as the 7-inch tablet may possibly be named, will run the Aliyn OS.

Do Alibaba have what it take to take on Lenovo and Apple?

Via: Ubergizmo and Engadget

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