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BrandZ released today another chart containing Top 100 most valuable Chinese Brands. The list in question shows that Alibaba, the big conglomerate behind Aliexpress, was …

Trade issues between the US and China have been in existence for a very long time. However, the two nations are trying to manage the …

Yesterday’s reports were right after all. Alibaba’s co-founder and executive chairman, Jack Ma, today officially announced that He is relinquishing his role as executive chairman at Alibaba …


We know Xiaomi revised its sales strategy in 2016 when the company’s sales numbers were deplorable. Lei Jun decided to focus not only on online …

iPhone X

Jailbreaking iPhones still is a big deal for some even though interest in it is not as strong as in early years. Speaking of which, …

Online retailers have some dedicated days where product prices are slashed to the barest minimum either with daily coupons or flash sales. Well, we know …


We’re sure this is just coincidence but online e-commerce portal Lazada has shown up twice in the news today, once with Alibaba and again with Elephone.

If the rumour mills are doing their job right, Alibaba will soon invest up to $1.2 billion in India based smartphone vendor Micromax.

meizu blue charm m1 launch

Rumours that Alibaba would be investing in Meizu have been confirmed true today with Alibaba agreeing to buy a minor stake in the phone maker for $590 million.

bird yunos

First it was Philips, then Meizu and now technology company Bird have joined up with Alibaba to launch a YunOs powered phone.

meizu mx4 mini dual sim

Weibo is usually home to some great leaks and today is no different an image of a dual SIM Meizu MX4 showing up.

meizu mx4 yunos

Rumour has it that Alibaba are one of the top investors in Meizu, which would explain why we are see ing these photos of the current MX4 running YunOS.

The Newman K3 is essentially an Aliyun OS powered version of its current phone, the Newman K18. This comes as questions remain about Aliyun OS.

It’s just been a handful days since we talked about the slew of Rockchip RK3288 powered Pipo tablets that are on their way, and today we already have news of 2 new devices that would feature the same chipset from Rockchip.

Over here in the west, people like to call Alibaba China’s Amazon. From what I am told, that is both incorrect and correct at the same time. Regardless of the reality of the perception, the perception over here still exists.

Hot on the heals of both the Xiaomi TV and rumoured LeTV X50 comes the Skywork “Cool On” Android smart TV starting from just $326!

Alibaba are really pushing their custom version of Android named Aliyun and recently launched 6 new phones running the OS, one of them being the …

Alibaba have been taking steps to enter the Chinese phone market with its own phones and OS for some time, rumours now claim the E-commerce …

Yesterday, the Chinese language tech blogs were abuzz with rumors that Alibaba was near to announcing a new flagship device that will ship before the Chinese New Year.