Alibaba investment rumours in Meizu are true

meizu blue charm m1 launch

Rumours that Alibaba would be investing in Meizu have been confirmed true today with Alibaba agreeing to buy a minor stake in the phone maker for $590 million.

Meizu have had a stellar past few months. First they launched the Meizu MX4, then the MX4 Pro and later the Meilan m1 note and m1 phones. Fantastic launches along with exciting partnerships with Haier have really turned Meizu’s fortunes around, and speaking of fortunes news just keeps getting better!

Today Meizu and Alibaba have confirmed that rumours of investment are actually true. Alibaba, the company behind Aliexpress, Taobao, and Alipay will buy a micro share of Meizu for $590 million!

It’s big news for Meizu who will be able to use the money to invest is more products, updates, and services for it’s customers around the world:

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