Alibaba to invest $1.2 billion in Micromax?

You’ve probably used one of Alibaba’s services before, most probably AliExpress (retail version of to purchase perhaps a phone.

The mother company of the very marketplace is apparently set to invest in India’s top homegrown smartphone maker in Micromax. Micromax enjoys a healthy 18% market share in its home country, and also has presence in Russia. Micromax’s market share is set to keep rising during the next few months; sub-brand Yu is only adding to th numbers.

If rumours are true, Micromax will soon be more at ease to make better phones by investing more in R&D. The scale of the rumoured to-be investment is a massive US$1.2 billion for a 20% share in the Indian company. Android Authority adds a valid point about the possibility of Alibaba wanting to get access to the growing list of Indian netizens.

If this deal does go through, Samsung will but have to face more nightmares in one of its biggest markets. Micromax phones are slowly but certainly getting more acceptability, a telltale sign that the company is indeed on the rise.

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