This Smart Cover Knock Off is so good we doubt Apple could tell the difference!

6usd knock off apple ipad 2 smartcover chinaThe Apple smart cover for the iPad 2 might not be the most technically advanced item Apple have every launched, but the pure simplicity and amazing function have made it a ‘must have’ for all iPad 2 owners the world over.
However, as is the case (no pun intended) with most Apple products, the Smart cover isn’t exactly the cheapest product in the world.

Being expensive and simple to make has made the Smart cover pure cannon fodder for the local Chinese factories who are now producing very authentic looking knock off smart covers for the iPad 2.

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knock off apple smartcover from chinaThe model shown here is made by Chinese manufacturer Pbpei, and like the genuine smart cover features magnetic clasps, a self adjusting design, bright covers, and even a genuine model number! But unlike the real smart cover, this knock off is priced at a very low $6!
While we are sure that this clone is not quite up to the quality of the real smart covers, we can’t really see the justification in buying the genuine model when a super cheap knock off will do just as good a job!

cheap knock off apple smartcover chinaWe’ll bring you more knock off news when we get it!
Source: MicDigi

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