Kindle Touch Get’s Jailbroken!

Hang on a moment, Amazon’s Kindle touch doesn’t run iOS or Android so how is it possible to ‘Jailbreak’ or ‘root’ the device? Well we don’t know the ins and out of the hack but developer Yifan Lu has figured out a way to jailbreak the ebook reader to allow custom apps to run on it!

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How to jailbreak the Amazon Kindle Touch

The developer of this hack Yifan Lu discovered that all wall which is needed to root the Amazon Kindle Touch is to download an MP3 file in the the eReader and then play it! That’s all it has taken to crack the Amazon eBook reader!

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The MP3 file doesn’t contain the latest Christmas number one however, but instead injects custom HTML code in to the operating system of the Kindle Touch.

Watch How to Jailbreak Kindle Touch Video

Not much can be achieved with the mod in place at the moment, but as the Touch’s OS is written in HTML5 some developers should be able to make some pretty cool HTML5 based applications for the Amazon Kindle touch.

Via: Liliputing

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