How to change Google account on Android

change google account on android,remove email account android,remove gmail account android,google account droid,add a google account android,android change gmail account,change gmail account on android,edit my gmail accountChanging the your Google account for Gmail and the Android market on your Android smartphone or Android tablet usually means performing a factory reset on your device and wiping all your data off! However, we have a neater and simpler solution!

Change Google account on Android

The usual procedure to remove email account in Android is to complete a factory reset on your device. While this is a safe option were you to sell your Android phone or tablet to another person, it is quite irritating if you just want to change from one personal account to another.

If you want to change your Google account on Android without loosing all your apps and data follow the steps below.

  1. First step is to download Root Explorer from the Android Market.
  2. Once installed open Root Explorer and head to /data/system/ and locate : accounts.db
  3. Delete the accounts.db file.
  4. Reboot your Android phone or Android tablet.
  5. Now when you go in to Gmail or the Android market you will be asked to set up a new Google account!


  • We still recommend you make a back up of your data before trying this method.
  • If you find you can’t access the file above, it may be because your Android devices hasn’t bee rooted.

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