How To Install Android Market on WM8650 Android Tabelts

Do you have one of the many WM8650 Android tablets? You know the type low priced, running Android 2.1 or 2.2 and NO Android Market! Well let’ fix that problem now while giving your tablet a performance boost too!

There are tons of WM8650 Android tablets on the market today, with the most popular being the Maylong M250, VIA WM8560, and the various WM8650 Epad tablets from Zenithink.

While these tablets may get the job done, their, ROMs are sometimes buggy and often lack the all important Android Market.

How To Install Android Market on WM8650 Android Tablets

What we are going to be doing is actually change the firmware on our tablet to a more advanced up to date ROM called Uberoid. Uberoid comes with the genuine Android Market, plus the ROM will improve performance and give your tablet a more modern Android Honeycomb look.

What does HoneyComb Uberoid ROM bring to my tablet?

Uberoid not only looks great, but it will also bring your Android tablet speed and function benefits such as:

  • Flash Player 10.1 support.
  • HoneyComb MOD
  • Anti Malware/Spyware
  • Real Android Market
  • Imimtates Galaxy Tab
  • Enhanced scrolling
  • Enhanced WiFi batter performance
  • Modified launcher
  • Root access

What Android tablet does Uberoid HoneyCombMod run on?

As well as the Maylong M250 Honeycomb MOD Uberoid also runs on the following  WM8650 Android tablets, just make sure you choose the correct option when installing.

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Tablet compatible with HoneyComb MOD Uberoid

  • M70007 android tablet
  • M009S Green LED android tablet
  • M70007T android tablet
  • M009S Blue LED android tablet
  • M003S android tablet
  • M0102S android tablet
  • PC-802 android tablet
  • VIA WM8650 android tablet
  • M80003W android tablet
  • InterToys NL Tablet
  • TomTec Tablet
  • ViaPad M7 android tablet
  • Maylong M250 android tablet
  • M010S android tablet
  • M012S android tablet
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How to install HoneyComb MOD Uberoid on my Android tablet?

Warning: Make sure you have a copy of your original firmware before installing as you may need to restore if you have problems.

  1. Download and extract the HoneyComb MOD Uberoid ROM and place it in your SD card.
  2. Identify your tablet model using this list here.
  3. Run CHANGER.BAT from your SD root and see what are available.
  4. Choose the number option for your tablet and press “enter”
  5. Turn off your Android tablet.
  6. Insert your SD card.
  7. Follow the instructions.
  8. Once finished start having fun on your new improved Android Honeycomb MOD Uberoid tablet.


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  1. Anthony Carmona
    February 1, 2012

    I have a Nextbook Premium7 will this work on it?

  2. Guest
    February 2, 2012

    I have a Nextbook Premium7 will this work on it?