Haipad Tablets Get Android 4.0 Update

android 4.0 for haipad android tablet

Haipad have released firmware updates for their popular Android tablets bringing the latest Android 4.0 OS to the devices.

Haipad released a firmware update for the popular Haipad m701 Android tablet along with other Haipad models such as the Haipad M7, Haipad M01R plus their other 7 and 10inch Android tablets.

Haipad have gone for Android 4.0.3 for their 7 inch Haipad tablets, while the larger 10 inch tablets get Android 4.0.1.

According to Haipad, Android 4.0 runs very well on the devices without bogging the system down or slowing.

We’ll bring details of where you can download Android 4.0 for your Haipad tablet soon!

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